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Never buy a Baseus product

UPDATE: I guess this post reached someone higher up at Baseus and I got the following message:

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I have agreed to take the replacement and refund, but the blog post stays with this update.

tl;dr: Baseus does not honor any warranty claims and resorts to shady tactics to avoid accountability. This applies to their official store and authorized sellers.

Save your time and money, do not buy Baseus Products.

Baseus is a Chinese lifestyle brand that makes some good products and does great marketing for those products. I was impressed with their 120w GaN charger, as it would mean I will have less charging bricks to deal with and plug in to the wall socket. The charger looked good, had good reviews and came with a 1 year warranty (this point is very important), so I pulled the trigger and purchased it from their official store on AliExpress in November 2020. It got delivered early December 2020.

Fast Forward to May 2021 (5 months later), my laptop which was plugged into the Baseus 120w GaN charger stopped charging and I got a strong burning smell coming from the charger. I immediately unplugged it. My charger was dead and my string of misfortunes with Baseus began.

I contacted the “Official” Baseus store on AliExpress where I bought the charger and requested a replacement as the charger was still under warranty. The response I got was that they can “give some discount on the next order”.

The response from the store didn’t sit well with me so I went to Baseus Support website ( and started a warranty claim process. After waiting a few days I finally got a response.

Okay. Baseus support basically told me to contact the store on AliExpress which has already refused to honor the warranty claim and offered me a discount on my next purchase, which is not acceptable. I replied with the screenshot of the conversation on AliExpress, and informed the Baseus support team that the seller is refusing to honor the warranty.

At this point I was hoping they would see that I have exhausted the option of contacting the seller directly and I am reaching out to the official support team to provide a reasonable solution i.e. honor the warranty. Sadly I was in for more disappointment.

Clearly something was amiss. I thought I had ordered from the official Baseus store on AliExpress. So I went to double check on the Baseus support warranty page ( Sure enough, the “BASEUS Officialflagship Store” is listed as an official store on AliExpress.

I replied back with the above screenshot and got the following response.

At this point, I gave up on “Official” Baseus support and sent the following reply, pointing out that Baseus is supposed to hold their authorized sellers accountable, instead of shifting blame.

As a last resort, I contacted the AliExpress seller again to point out that they are the authorized seller as per official Baseus support and responsible for after-sales service and honoring the warranty.

This time they made up a new excuse, saying they only offer 2 months warranty and cannot help me. Sorry Baseus, you are not seeing another cent from me.

Finally I gave up and decided to write up this post to warn others who are considering Baseus products.

Save your time and money, do not buy Baseus products. They will lie, shift blame and ultimately leave you with a broken product and promise.

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  1. I got the exact same hardware 120W GaN charger with the Euro plug and have same sorrows. So maybe I won’t waste time contacting Baseus support based on your experience.

    Same situation too – On 5/28/2021 connected and charging to laptop via usbC then an audible pop which indicated a component failure and an immediate burning smell.

    It tripped the wall circuit breaker. Immediately pulled the really hot offending 120W charger and threw it out to the patio, in case it flamed. Have experienced other China-made chargers which burst into flame and I had to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher.

    Was actually considering buying a 150W GaN charger but after reading your post, I’m not too sure.

    Moral of the story? Maybe have a fire extinguisher at hand always when a China-made charger is in operation

    Lastly reading other people’s experiences, it seems these chargers fail massively after 4-6 months. Mine was at the fifth month.

  2. Have you got the refund and/or replacement of the charger? It’s not clear how it all ended.
    My unit seems faulty too, and so far their AliExpress support isn’t helpful at all. I am considering chargeback procedure in my bank as last resort.

  3. Kudos and thanks for the warning.
    You’re right – good marketing!
    I just bought a ebay item 313664647698 from their official store.
    I think I’ll be returning it. I sent the following and then found your blog post after searching for a review of it.
    (By the way, they took that store off the list, but it can be seen at

    New message to: baseus_officialstore_us
    It works well for charging an iPhone over Lighting, but it charges over the other two connectors (micro USB and USB C) very slowly. I’m testing w/one device at a time and it won’t pass even 1 Amp; a good cable can handle way more when connecting good chargers and power-hungry devices that are compatible. It won’t deliver more than a measly 0.5A to my M1 MacBook w/full USB-PD support, with any of several powerful USB power supplies that work well w/other cables I tried. Combined, only 2A, (<< 3.5A) was possible. Tried with 3 Android devices and a few battery boxes. I have a USB power meter (can handle up to 30V, 3A) to measure.

  4. Sorry that heard about your sorrow experience on the Baseus purchase. You had absolutely done the right thing to speak up although they compensated your loss. This will help buyer to understand the service in order to make decision on purchasing it and avoid regret after purchase the item due to poor after sale service.

  5. Thanks for the warning. Was literally about to buy a Baseus charger, but thought I should do a quick google search first. Don’t want to deal with a company that won’t honor their agreements.

  6. Same experience, got a 65W 2C+1A charger, worked for 2 months, then some weird noise, and now it doesn’t work anymore. Got a refund from banggood.

    Still, that sucks.

  7. thank you for writing up your experience. I was about to order from baseus on aliexpress. Going to look elsewhere now.

  8. I had the same experience.
    Bought via ebay equipment did not work.
    Twice ebay sent a written claim to baseus.
    No response.
    I asked BASEUS EU sales rep Mr Schmidt via LinkedIn to contact me – not response either.

    Bad equipment, even worse service.


  9. Wow. Here in Indonesia, warranty and returns are not the custom and there are many fake products. It’s tough to know what stores and brands to trust. Many US, UE and international brands are not readily available here and the registered name of the business selling on platforms like Tokopedia and Shopee are not clear. You just get a store name.

    Baseus appeared to be a good brand sold internationally with good products but that warranty run-around is significant. So are the comments of similarly failed products. 🙁

    It’s awesome that they clearly state at which stores their warranty is valid but astounding that they don’t then honor it.

  10. Customer : Sorry Baseus, you are not seeing another cent from me.

    Baseus support: Please send us 1 cent for a new charger

  11. I was about to buy a baseus charger, well thank you for your post, I will buy some anker chagers which they are more reliable. Thanks

  12. Same experience but with a different product; I brought Baseus WM01 Earphone, and then after a few weeks, the charger case stopped working, so I reported it and got a new one. Then I finally got the new one, but it had the same problem as the first product, and I just opened it! So I reported it back, and they said it was not a product defect but a charging compartment detects. And it’s fucking normal, they said. But the problem is that I brought to have a charging compartment detects. Is this coincidence? Or on purpose?

  13. I wanted to buy a few baseus products and literally googled if they are a good brand. I reached this post. Safe to say that I will not buy from them. I wanted to buy type-c hub. I just get an Anker one. I guess it is worth paying a little bit more but at least stay safe.
    Thanks for your post man!

  14. Believe the 120W really does have an issue. They are heavily discounted now hoping people would not notice

    This uses their GaN2 Pro tech. I wonder if there GaN5 Pro tech solved this concern. Reviews on youtube are all good not sure about it though.

  15. Many thanks for the warning – your advice made me pick another device. Not honoring warranty claims sure is one way to actively lose customers.

  16. Thank you very much for your honest review. They were not professional at all, but rather cold and rude. They are out to make a quick buck. On the other hand, I commend you for your professional manner in dealing with them. You were mild and courteous, which takes a lot of strength show that. I’ll look at a more reputable brand.

    1. Oh just now I read these comments. 😬 Bought multiple products from Baseus: WM02 pro wireless earphones TWS (purple), WM02 True wireless earphones (purple), WMO2 transparent protective case, Qpow2 powerbank 20000mah (purple), 100w usb type C cable ast charging (black), 2.4A isb to iP usb cable (black), PD 100w usb C cable to type C fast charging cable (purple). And now planning to buy car charger & another powerbank. Am having a doubt now after reading this 🤕 I don’t want any electrical issue esp am going out of the country. Thanks for sharing your experience with Baseus. Am actually JBL user eversince but I just tried their products last month only due to their post.

      1. The real issue is not with the products. All products have some room to fail, that’s normal. The real issue is about support. How they do not provide adequate support once things go wrong.

  17. Thank you for this review. There are some video reviews on youtube assigning the highest rating to Baseus chargers (actually, the 100W multi-port), but after reading this I will not buy any products from such brand.

  18. Thank you for your review. I was about to buy the Baseus powerbank. With your proper response, but still having very bad experience with the after-sales service, it is a very wise move to stay away from this brand. Thanks again for sharing this. Will not touch this brand and look for other trusted alternative(s).

    1. Hi Elel Hassan, the issue is Baseus not honoring the warranty. Factory defects or issues with products happen, but the manufacturer should honor the warranty when a claim is made, not run away from their responsibility.

  19. Thanks for warning! saved me some time and I went to an Anker product. Which seems more reliable.

    thanks for keeping those shit corps on their place.

  20. Thanks for the warning, I was about to buy a baseus charger and I will buy Anker now. Good that I googled this brand before buying…

  21. I purchased an item on (logo and website look very similar to Are these the same company? is telling me that I never placed an order with them.

  22. I’ve had two anker cig lighter chargers do this same thing. Look at you guys buying eBay electronics 🤣. Maybe next time buy a tester as well, and CHECK YOUR CORDS.. not everything is the fault of the device, could be your car has bad grounds, wrong fuse in the cig lighter, another junk EBAY cord.. etc.
    They all fail. Yeah, customer service may really suck. But at 50-70 bucks who cares, buy another one till you’re happy. They will all be obsolete within a year anyway. Electronics these days detect charging faults and stop the charging. I noticed in this review you didn’t state what you were using, aside from the charger. Cords, device, vehicle,-vehicle age. That all adds up. The amount of customer reviews compared to this one negative one shouldn’t sway anybody, be cautious, if you’re charging at extremely high rates maybe make sure ALL components are in order. There’s always a bad apple in a bunch, I get that. But don’t trash a decent brand who tries to offer something better than Apple mfi certified or other nonsense, swindling money out of you. I bought one of those Belkin Apple certified “fast chargers” for damn near 100$. My phone back registered at 170 degrees during charging. Right in the trash.
    To each his own

    1. First off, this isnt about a car charger.

      Secondly, if they cant honor warranty, they should say so upfront. It’s a simple matter of principle. Nothing too complicated.

      1. Damn, the Baseus 100w 2C+2U it got burned by using it properly 2 weeks, I returned to amazon, and they send me back a new one, AND IT HAPPENED THE SAME! Now idk if i can refound AGAIN on amazon, im wondering if the company can refound me 🙁

  23. THANK YOU FOR THE ALERTS. I was just about to buy a wireless charger and car phone holder. Marketing is actually good, and this is a practice of crooks, who grow with other people’s money.

  24. I have had similar with a ‘Super Energy Max Car Jump Starter’ (2000A). Unit bought from ‘official’ ebay store died at 10 months.

    After contact they said they would refund but this was strange:
    “Due to your order has been more than three months, it cannot be refunded in the background, you need to transfer the refund through the Paypal account. Hope you can understand. if possible, could you please please give us another Paypal account and we will refund there.”
    I declined and did not have an alternative account anyway, so I replied to just send me a new one.

    I got this:

    “We are willing to resend a new one to you and will test its quality before sending it. but we only provide one after-sale, and will no longer accept returns and refund requests for this order in the that acceptable for you?
    If you agree, please reply to us and we will notify the warehouse to resend it to you after receiving your reply.”

    I though this was odd, but just wanted this over and done with so agreed.

    New unit arrived today. Guess what? It’s dead. And won’t take charge..Interesting is it’s date of manufacture is 04/22..


  25. For almost the past 2 years I’ve conducted a long term experiment with anker, baseus and ugreen chargers and cables to see which would show signs of wear earlier. I decided to break bank and bought gan chargers from each so 3 in total, and 3 of the “best” or “highest tier” cables available from the same make of the charger.

    Me and my wife tested these by method of double rotation using a weekly table of who takes which charger and its cable.
    My testing equipment is oneplus 9 pro while hers is oppo find x3 pro, so both top at 65w and are housing 4500mah batteries.
    I also used fnb48 usb meter to evaluate the cables every 6 weeks to check for deterioration, and an outlet power meter which was used mostly at home but also sometimes at work as well as twice on holiday, to verify the chargers actually pull enough wattage at least in the low % scenarios.

    The first and only charger to die so far after only 6 months of service was the baseus. My wife was using it at home when the charger suddenly started smoking and she quickly unplugged it. It damaged the type c connector on its end so we had to stop using that cable too.
    After some back and forth with baseus support, they ended up not honoring the warranty even when I showed them this blog post. The “authorized” seller on aliexpress claims I misused the product and demanded I remove my bad review in order to get a discount on my next purchase – Fuck no! I may not have a successful tech blog, or any blog for that matter, but I will never buy or even agree to receive anything other than the money I paid for this crap.

    The anker cable unfortunately lasted until last month. The usb meter started showing too varied resistance value readings while sitting static, until this week when the cable stopped working. Shame. I still have one of their older type c cables which were much more durable than this overpriced shitty cable.
    Anker were nicer but it still wasn’t as “hassle-free” as they claim. I got it replaced eventually.

    I just want to clarify non of the cables were tugged on, stepped on, bent or folded in any way that could hurt them.
    You could argue a 2 person sample size with shared chargers and cables is bad and you’d mostly be correct from a scientific perspective but- I’m not a testing lab nor am I trying to emulate one, since in the real world no one actually uses their equipment as delicately as a test lab environment.

  26. Wow cool bros

    I was just abouot to get a Baseus GaN charger. Luckily I’ve done some internet research (including this one), and it saves me from unnecesarry troubles

    Thanks a lot bros
    Really appreciate it

  27. Quite a few years ago I had purchased the 65W GaN charger from the “official store” on AliExpress. It was DoA which didn’t fill me up with confidence. I had to record videos of the charger not working before the seller finally offered to provide a replacement.

    The replacement did work fine. However, I soon realised that it is actually incapable of properly handling all 3 devices connected at the same time, constantly connecting-disconnecting all the time.

    To top it off the provided cable frayed off around the connector in less than a year and I had to throw it away. Never going to purchase a Baseus charger or cable ever as it seems that they have no QC in place and find it more convenient to have buyers suffer for their poor QC.

  28. My 20W wireless charger caught fire in my hand. sparks and fire and black soot everywhere. Still coughing and eyes watering from this. My condo smells like burnt tires.

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