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UPDATE: Starting with version 2.0.2, Yii2 Advanced Template does not contain “role” column in the User table by default. Before proceeding to the tutorial below, do the following:

  1. Create a column called role in the user table.
  2. Update the User model by adding the role attribute and updating the User class docblock accordingly.

Yii 2.0 has a built in Access Control that supports 2 roles out of the box to check whether the user is a guest or if the user is logged in. Sometimes there is a need to simply extend the Access Control Layer with few more roles to distinguish the logged in users i.e. admin, moderator, without the full blown RBAC graph with permissions, roles and role assignments that Yii provides.

In this post, I will show how to implement simple Role Based authorization by simply extending the AccessRule class that defines the default rules and overriding the matchRule() function call, which will provide the additional rule matching logic. older women dating site

i18n with Yii 2 Advanced Template

In this post, I will show you my workflow for internationalization of Yii based projects.

We will configure sane paths, logically dividing the frontend and backend. We will also use the yii cli tool to generate the translation files for us. Let’s get started. Continue reading i18n with Yii 2 Advanced Template